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Photo Art

This site shows the work of Gert Kist.

Dutch photographer born 5-5-1963 in Amsterdam.

Photography is writing with light!

In 2013, Photography artist Gert Kist made a name for himself at Galerie Eduard Planting, with his male images printed on weathered wooden suphases. 

As a photography artist, Kist has recently gone through a period of development and transition. His subject matter has shifted and his photographs have since also become more layered – both in a figurative and literal sense.  In the new series of female portraits, there is a clear emphasis shift. No longer is the attention in Kist’s work solely on the male torso, but focusses now on female faces that seem to want to either express something or in fact conceal. Dashing women wearing extravagant costumes, jewelry, hair-dresses and masks. Something is happening inside these female portraits. The beholder can only guess, is intrigued and engages with them.


June 3-July 3 2011

Galerie Licht Zone ( by Mooiman)

Jatstraat 36 Groningen

August 7-September 11 2011

ABC Treehouse Gallery

Eerste Bloemdwarststraat 2 Amsterdam

July 27-August 11 2012

Eduard Planting Gallery

Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2 Amsterdam

July 27-August 11 2013

Art show New Romantics

Eduard Planting Gallery

Eerste Bloeddwarsstraat 2 Amsterdam 

October 28- November 30 2018

Galerie Peter Leen

Herenstraat 25-27 Breukelen

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